Research Interests

Always available for collaboration and consulting

This page lists my current areas of interest (in no particular order), though I'm always interested in the overlap between different domains, and how methods, ideas, and techniques from one can be used in others.


If you would be interested in collaborating on work related to any of these topics, or any others, please get in touch.

All aspects of integrating educational programmes and the benefits and challenges of such undertakings

Emotion in all its forms; the structure of affect, theories of emotion, and how they interact with our cognitive processes.

Standard setting, formats, delivery, the underlying assumptions; how assessment drives learning and whether it should or not.

Equality of access, encouraging participation across higher education and beyond







Particularly in educational contexts and using virtual patients to explore team working, decision-making, or the use of virtual reality patient-perspectives to develop empathy skills.

Philosophy of emotion and emotional experience and the problems raised by issues of identity, self, and reality. Issues of society, politics and language also intrigue me.

Reasoning and decision-making in general, but particularly how evidence is evaluated and incorporated into the social processes of deciding.

Any new and interesting applications of statistical techniques, particularly those designed to overcome specific methodological problems.






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